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We believe that faculty of science is a place where students can research and educate themselves on science. Science is a study that connects the students with the nature in order to understand the principles and laws applied in the natural world. We make students curious about revealing the mysteries of nature which started by asking basic question such as “Why” and “How” etc. The very primary factor of encouragement for performing most research activities lies in the enough interest, passion and human wisdom that have been accumulated in this manner for many generations.

Sometimes deep understanding of nature directly results in most applied use in the real world or other times, it takes a long time to bring significant changes to our lives. It also includes quantum mechanics which deep interest lead students to the understanding of the behavior of electrons in substance which further results in establishment of semiconductor technology. Science can be a base for the applied science but that is not the only reason of its importance.

S.No. Name of Course Duration Eligibility Fee Per Year
1 B.Sc.
Bachelor of Science / Home Science
3 Years 10+2 (Science) 15,000/-
2 B.Sc. Hons.

Physics / Chemistry / Maths/Botany / Zoology / Home Sc.

3 Years 10+2 (Science) 15,000/-
3 B.Sc.

Bio-Technology / Bio-Chemistry

3 Years 10+2 (PCB / Agriculture) 30,000/-
4 M.Sc.

Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics/
Botany / Zoology / Home Science

2 Years B.Sc 25,000/-
5 M.Sc.(Hons.)

Physics / Chemistry/Mathematics /
Botany / Zoology / Home Science

2 Years B.Sc 25,000/-
6 M. Sc. 

Agriculture Integrated

5 Years 10+2 (PCM / PCB / Agriculture) 60,000/-
7 M. Sc. 


2 Years B.Sc. Agriculture 60,000/-
8 M.Sc.

Bio-technology / Bio-chemistry

2 Years B.Sc. in Relevant Subject 40,000/-
9 B.Sc


4 Years 10+2 (PCM / PCB / Agriculture) 60,000/-
10 Diploma


3/2/1 Years 10th / 12th 25,000/-