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Pharmacy is that branch of health science that mainly deals with the preparation and dispensing of drugs and it mainly concentrates on ensuring the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs. The graduates in this field are known as Pharmacists which are the experts and health professionals in medicines. They can use this knowledge of medicines for the benefits of patients. It is one of the popular fields among the students.

There are numerous jobs available for Pharmacists in both governments and private organizations and after completing study, the students can easily find the respectable jobs in various pharmaceuticals industries as well as government departments and colleges or universities, hospitals and many research institutes. The expert pharmacists can continue their practise in community pharmacies as well as hospitals, clinics and many hospitals. They can also work in retails stores of medicines or can also open chemist/drug shop after registering with the state pharmacy council.


S. No. Name of Course Duration Eligibility Fee Per Year
1 D.Pharma
Diploma in Pharmacy
2 Years 10+2 (PCM / PCB) 1,34,000/
2 B.Pharma
Bachelor of Pharmacy
8 Sem. 10+2 (PCM / PCB) 126,000/-
3 B.Pharma
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Lateral Entry)
6 Sem. D.Pharma 126,000/-
4 B.Pharma & MBA 10 Sem. 10+2 (PCB/PCM) 1,20,000/-
5 B.Pharma & M.Pharma 10 Sem. 10+2 (PCB/PCM) 1,20,000/-
6 M.Pharma 4 Sem. B.Pharma 1,20,000/-
7 Master of Science (Pharmaceutical Science) 4 Sem. B.Pharma 80,000/-
8 Master of Science (Pharmacology) 4 Sem. B.Pharma 80,000/-