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Numerous students often confused by this question that paramedical really have any career or not but the Paramedics are those persons who are trained medical professionals and can diagnose any disease in any human body with the help of blood test, x-ray, MRI, CT-scan or ultrasound etc. In addition to this, they can actually support the doctors in providing the better treatments by performing the various medical checkups and therapies.

Basically, they are those persons who provide easiest and effective ways related to health and care to the people. These are the reasons that these professionals have become an integral part of the Paramedical sector in India. Students can adopt Paramedical courses after 12th in which they can learn about multiple emergency services required before hospitalization. These professionals assist the doctors with all kind of diagnostic reports to start treatment of any particular ailment.

S.No. Name of Course Duration Eligibility Fee Per Year
1 Diploma in Hospital Assistant & Technician 2 Years 12th (PCB) 50000/-
2 Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector 1 Year 12th 30000/-
3 Diploma in Health Assistant 3 Years 10th 50000/-
4 Bachelor of Public Health Science 3 Years 12th (PCB) 40000/-
5 B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) 3 Years 12th (PCB) 66000/-
6 B.Sc. Ophthalmic Techniques 3 Years 12th (PCB) 86000/-
7 B.Sc. Radio Imaging Technology 3 Years 12th (PCB) 60000/-
8 B.Sc. Operation Theater Technology 3 Years 12th (PCB) 60000/-
9 M.Sc. Medical Lab Technology (MMLT) 2 Years BMLT 80000/-
10 MPHW 2 Years BPH 60000/-