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This course deals with demand of the growing needs of experts in the field of Library Management and Administration, Book and Journal Procurement. This field offers unlimited opportunities as there will always be a need of preserving and maintaining the vital information worldwide irrespective of sector and volume. A librarian is basically a person who works professionally in the library as well as responsible for providing access to any information which can be sometimes social or technical programming.

These are the trained professionals who possess knowledge about the library and information science in terms of both whether it is print or electronic information resources. The training pattern has been changed of the librarians over time. Now they are trained to manage book shelves along with electronic information resources too. A librarian is assigned the task of organizing information resources so that the users can easily find their desired information.

S No. Name of Course Duration Eligibility Fee Per Year
1 B. Lib. 1 Year Graduation 34,000/
2 D. Lib. 1 Year 12th 29,000/-
3 C. Lib. 6 Month 10th 24,000/