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Fire safety education is the important component of fire fighter training and those students who are interested in fire safety education might consider a program in fire and safety education. Sometimes many emergency situations arise due to fire incidents and if they break out in our workplace, the top priority is to get everybody out of the building as quick as possible. However, no matter how many times people have been trained about the evacuation process and methods, at last they all come up with the chaos and sense of cognitive and reasonable action can be forgotten.

In this situation, fire experts believe that training, knowledge and practical experience can cause behaviour to be modified and preparing people for dealing with fire and this will lead to the great possibility of a safe and accurate evacuation.

S No. Name of Course Duration Eligibility Fee Per Year
1 Fire Man 6 Month 12th 40,000/
2 Fire Officer 1 Year 12th 40,000/-
3 B.Sc. Fire and Industrial Safety 3 Years 12th 50,000/-