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Field of great probability of employment opportunities in various fashion industries, filed scattered in luxury brands, and designer labels along with learning of jewellery designing, styling and accessorizing an outfit.
The institute will bring opportunities and learning along with building young professional fashion designers through wide learning of design and skills. Guiding of technical line of industry related to retail market that has endless growth. Bringing forth the program where student will ideate and create products that would contribute to the transformation in feasible future of fashion industry. Wide opportunity for students to interact with Indian Global Market and Indian global fashion industry.
Courses will equip the students with creative skills of hand sketching of design, to draping, pattern creation, sewing and execution of finished products. The course curriculum transmit understanding environment of fashion along with graphic and computer skills. Presenting the fundamentals of design through seminars, workshops, group discussion, and study tours, exhibitions, summer workshops, visit to galleries & museum and industry visits etc. During four years all areas of learning will be incorporated.
Opening doors to fields like Costume designers, Fashion Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Product Developer, Quality Control Manager and many more.

S. No. Name of Course Duration Eligibility Fee Per Year
1 B.A. (Hons.) Fashion Design 6 Sem. 10+2 1,00,000/-
2 B.A. (Hons.) Communication Design 6 Sem. 10+2 1,00,000/-
3 B.A. (Hons.) Interior Design 6 Sem. 10+2 1,00,000/-
4 B.Sc. – Jewellery Design & Manufacturing 6 Sem. 10+2 1,00,000/-