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We offer advanced liberal arts education to the eligible candidates with the elaborate lessons in writing, analysis and advancements oriented critical thinking. This study mainly includes components of study such Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, cultural studies and criminology. Social science is kind of description of the world and can be helpful in working of society and deals with causes of social predicaments such as unemployment etc.

A student in this field can contribute in the economic growth and deals with how and why people vote, functioning of local authorities along with government, policymakers and others. Its objectives and operations of activities include research, teaching, advocacy and consultancy. Students in these social sciences course gain a deeper understanding of the social and cultural construct that contributes in human experience as social sciences teaches scientific methods as well as foundation for conducting future research.

S No. Name of Course Duration Eligibility Fee Per Year
1 B.A. (Pass Course) 3 Years 12th 24,000/
2 B.A. (Hons.) 4 Years 12th 34,000/-
3 M.A. 2 Years Graduation 29,000/
4 BSW 3 Years 12th 30,000/
5 MSW 2 Years Graduation 50,000/