Chairman’s Message

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Mr H S Sharma

Chairman Sponsoring Body

(Shyam Knowledge Park Shiksha Samiti)

Welcome to Shyam University! As you begin the next step of your life journey, you will find that our entire University is here to support your academic, social, and personal growth. The departments of the University provide student services, leadership opportunities, social and educational programs, and activities that are consistent with the University’s Vision Statement “SU will shape the future of our region by transforming good students into great leaders, one graduate at a time.”

The University’s values of a Nurturing Environment, Holistic Learning, Integrity and Connectedness set the standards for the service provided by each department within all the departments of University. The University’s goal is to promote an environment where students can exhibit a passion for learning, personal growth and development of character, while shaping campus life around the principles of service, ethical leadership and engagement in our local and global communities.

I am personally excited to celebrate you, and to support your success as a student, as an individual, and as a member of the campus community at Shyam University.