Soft Skills training programs for interpersonal relationships

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Soft Skills training programs for interpersonal relationships

Today the field of education and market scenario is changing very fast and there was a time when individuals with brilliant academic record as well as sufficient work experience were quite enough to be preferred by most of the corporate institutions but today the time has changed. Hard skills and experience are not the only criteria for getting admission and hike in the corporate world.

Now the employers prefer to hire and promote those students, who are imaginative, social and self motivated with good communication or soft skills. Deficiency of soft skills in the candidates has led to lower hiring by corporate. By keeping these significant facts in mind, Shyam University is willing to incorporate soft skills training programs in the curriculum of students.

Soft skills have become crucial for developing interpersonal skills for quality careers in corporate world irrespective of the sector. A candidate with quality soft skills would be able to add value to their respective organization and possess the ability to develop and use them in order to make difference in the new employment.

Today every job requires soft skills through which job acquisition has competition and job sustainability has become tougher. All those candidates who are willing to get an edge over their competitor are necessity to refine their soft skills so that they could be able to emerge as a winner of the roadblock which they face in the recruitment process or during the tenure of employment.

Soft skills training programs are really essential as employer value soft skills due to indicator of amazing job performance. Present budding professionals need to inculcate high soft skills quotient apart from the domain knowledge for succeeding in this competitive era.

For this purpose, they are being provided with trainings as a part of their professional curriculum by Shyam University as it will be very helpful in improving their overall personality along with compatibility so that they would be able to secure a respectable position in the corporate world. Hard skills contribute to only 15% of their success while remaining 85% is made by soft skills.

In addition to this amazing and great relevance of soft skills in the present corporate world, Shyam University is introducing soft skills in their curriculum.